We assume that one or the other has noticed by now. People wear fur again. Surprisingly, also young people seem to be important supporters of this trend. This is definitely an aspect that has changed since to the last time fur was booming. Only a few years ago fur on the streets was rare. Fur was frowned upon. Only old ladies dare to take the fur coats to the street.

What has changed? Did the fur industry change to good? Unfortunately this is not the case. There is still no cruelty-free fur production. It is especially difficult to provide enough space for fur animals because in the wild they are solitary and have large territories.

It is also expensive or difficult to kill an animal without damaging the fur, therefore fur farmers use “unsafe” killing techniques. They are painful can last long or fail completely.


There seems to be a lack of consciousness. A lot of people still assume that all the fur trims they see are fake. According to our “studies” on the streets of Zurich, roughly every second fur trim is real. Fur is no longer a luxury product. It is so cheap that one could buy it accidentally, without noticing a price difference.

Social pressure seems to be the best way to change people's behavior and ultimately the system. The last time fur was abandoned from the streets, non-fur wearers confronted fur wearers, maybe insulted them or even attacked them with blood bags. These may be unorthodox methods, but they worked. If social pressure is our goal, similar methods could be useful. However, since the new movement against fur is at his very beginning a lot of people don’t know, that they are supporting fur production or what this exactly means. At that time throwing a blood bag randomly at fur wearer would probably not very productive and lead to a broken nose and a replacement of the fur. Still there is need for social pressure. We decided to achieve it by highlight fur wearers on the street and at the same time inform them and all people who spot the sticker. As a side effect stickers are also advertising our cause. In the intended snowball system more and more people would order our free stickers, join the movement and spread the word. We hope to reach a point where fur wearers fear to leave their homes with their fur trims on because they expect to receive a sticker and than decide to remove it and never put it back on.