You are wearing fur, because no one critically confronts you with your behavior or openly judges you because of it. You think, that nothing can be as bad, if it is supported by a fair amount of the population. Well, history proves you wrong.


But what if, one day, there is a sticker on your fur, telling you, that wearing it means subsidising and promoting animal cruelty? What if you see other fur-wearers with the same sticker on their fur, walk it through the streets unknowingly? What if people start noticing the stickers and the highlighted fur? Will they judge you and talk about you behind your back? Will you inform yourself about fur and learn about what wearing it actually means? Will you burn your fur and promise to yourself to support the fur industry never again?


We hope that you will. We hope that you will change sides and become part of the movement. Join the anonymous pedestrians, that are secretly fighting for a better world. We will provide you with free stickers. The only thing that you need to contribute is a pinch of courage.


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