Write us a mail with the following informations:

    1. Which Stickers do you want

    2. How many of them

    3. Your address

    4. Read the terms of use


You would like to support us financially? Let us know and we will send you more information about it. Thanks!


The maximum number of stickers is 30. If you have good reasons to order more, let us know and we figure something out.


We assume, that you’ve read the following paragraph, before you are taking action with our stickers:



We cannot send stickers, if the address is missing. If other informations are missing, we just send you the default package.


We finance the stickers ourselves so please don’t waste them and avoid fake fur. We have provided information on here on how to distinguish between real and fake fur. We recommend to practise this skill first before you start applying stickers.


Terms of use

The glue used in our stickers is soluble in water and should be easy to remove, without damaging the fur. Keep in mind, that damaging a fur item is rather leading to replacement then enlightenment.

Vandalism and property damage is against our principles. Stickers applied on businesses can be defamatory, therefore we do not recommend this practice.

Applying stickers happens on your own risk, we do not take over andy liability.


We also recommend to avoid any risk or confrontations that could end in violence.


First Generation

Second Generation

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