In case of confrontation it is always recommendable to know all the arguments against fur. Because the opposition is always strong, the anti-fur activist can become insecure after a while and also in this case it is good to keep in mind all the brutality and gruesomeness connected to fur production.

We have made a collection of the most important arguments here.


You can also watch this video from Peta, although we have to say that this is probably a collection of the most horrible farms all over the world.


More information is provided by the site Pelzinfo from the Tierschutz Zurich. You can read which animals are used, how they are killed and where they come from. They also reveal some methods that fur producers and resellers are using to trick the customer.


We can also recommend AFL (Antifurleague). They are a group of animal rights activists who fight the fur industry with organized events like the march against fur in Zurich.